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Thursday, 07 January 2010 15:35

Telephone Sales (1-2days)

Telephone technique - Selling on the telephone - Opportunities for developing business - Planning -  Making Appointments  - Positive Mental Attitude - How to handle difficult customers -  Using your voice and controlling the conversation -   Overcoming objections - Following up

;This programme covers all the fundamental points of using the telephone to win business or to communicate with customers. In addition to the sales functions customer services issues are dealt with. It is suitable for all who have customer contact on the telephone. It is particularly suited to Internal Sales and Business Development staff. It is also suited to those who are involved in customer service positions.

Basic Sales Skills (2-3 days)

Why do people buy  - The sales process -   Developing your own sales plan -   Time and territory management -   How to find new customers -
-   Why new customers are so important -  Opening  - Listening -  Establishing needs -  Questioning  - Presentation - Overcoming Objections - Closing - Follow up

This programme is the foundation-training programme for all who wish to make a successful career in sales. Not only does it cover basic techniques of face-to-face selling, but encompasses the psychology of buying, planning and self-management. This programme would suit all sales people who are currently employed in a sales position as well as internal sales and those who wish to make a career in selling.

Key Account management (2-3 days)

Research - Consultative Selling -  The difference between selling and Account Management -  Planning Objectives and Efforts -  Project selling  -
- The ‘Offer' -  Selling to multiple decision makers -   Selling or profit improvement? -  Body Language  - How to present your proposals -  
- Selling against competition  - Negotiation  - Communication - Taking responsibility

On the basis that 80% of sales come from 20% of customers then it is important that these customers are treated as Key Accounts. Moreover as the structure and organisation of companies as well as markets become ever more complicated, an increasing need for more highly skilled sales people is created. This programme has been designed to close the skill gap between sales people and buyers and other decision makers. It is suited to senior sales people, sales managers, business development managers, and others who have a senior customer-facing role.

Distribution Sales Management (2 days)

Selling to and through third party channels Distribution Channels and their characteristics Identification Pricing strategies Agreements Training Business Plans Promotional Activity Motivating staff Time Management Coverage

Many companies make the mistake of selling to third party resale channels, as they would directly to the customer. The result is often failure and demotivation as they fail to recognise the needs of the reseller. This programme helps to differentiate between direct and reseller sales techniques and provide the tools for the successful development of sales through third parties. This programme is suitable for all sales people who are now involved in or plan to develop distribution channels.

Sales Management (2-3days)

Leadership and team development  - Evolution of Sales technique -   Selling Styles -   How to run sales meetings - The success triangle -  Training, Mentoring and Coaching -  Performance improvement -  Appraisals -   Planning and processes -  Communication -  Professionalism -  Motivation   - -Recruitment  - Forecasting  - Rewards and Incentives

A good salesman is often promoted into a sales management position without thought, making the assumption that if he/she is good they can teach the others. This is rarely the case. Sales management is arguably the most difficult of management positions as frequently the team is distributed around the region or country. The Sales Manager must be carefully selected and trained. This programme will help with the latter as it covers all the basic skills and knowledge required to do an effective job. Suited to sales managers who are newly promoted as well as seasoned veterans honing still further their skills.

How to exhibit yourself! (1day)

Exhibitions are an artificial experience for most people. They cost a great deal to mount and can be exhausting and draining on everyone concerned. However to maximise the benefits to the company and sales people involved it is necessary to undertake careful planning and management of the event. Open to any and all who are involved in planning, managing and operating an exhibition stand.


Writing Winning Proposals

Presentation Skills

These 1-day workshops cover other aspects of sales and marketing. They offer practical help and guidance and the participants will come away with action plans to help improve their skills.

To see how your team can be developed through our bespoke training programmes please email us or call 01903 784651

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